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If you find any links to R16 sites, or you know of R16 clubs not listed here, send me E-mail

R16 Clubs

R16 club Tilburg
Geert Ehrismann
Hellebaardstraat 1
5021 EC Tilburg
Tel. +31-13 5364952

Club 16 e.V (RENAULT-16-Liebhaber)
Dietrich Wenner
Kleine Penzlinger Str. 12
33102 Paderborn
Tel.: +49-5251.4021671

Amicale Renault 16
1, allée de la coudraie
Tel. +33-

R16 Links


The Renault 16 Site Forum

The message central for all info concerning Renault 16
In English

Renault 16 World Map

Here you can register the location of you and your R16
In English

Maintaining and reparing your Renault 16

Interesting advice on how to maintain and repair your R16.
In French, with Babelfish translations in English and German

Renault 16 - Models and Evolution

Lots of tips and trick for maintaining your Renault 16
Complete story about the evolution over the years.
In French - The Austrian Site about R16

A site about R16 made by Andy the Candy.
In German and English

Record breaking R16 meeting in May 2004

Read about the record breaking R16 meeting arranged by Benoît Diringer on his site.
You can also register for the next event, in 2007.
In French.

Renault Autopassion

Some nice pictures of R16 broschures, books etc.
In French - R4,R16,VW crewcab and Slotmachines

These are the subjects of this site.
In German

RendlTOM R16 Pages

Lots of pictures and scanning of brochures.
In Czech!

Yuval's R16 Site

About Yuval from Israel and his Renault 16s
In English

Renault 16 TS in Germany

Philipp Gräfe show his R16 TS on this site, and he also has some spare parts for sale
In German and English

Andres Weil's Renault 16

Andres Weil R16 site was one of the first on the internet.
In English

René's Renault Pages

René's Renault pages has lots of information about various Renault models, including the R16.
In English

Thomas Wolf's Renault 16 pages

Nice pictures and technical data about R16
In German

Finnish Renault 16 page

Pictures and information including some electric schematics
In English

Olli Mueller´s Renault-Homepage

Olli's story about a Renault 16 TL -74 he used to own.
In English

Thomas Neubauers R16 page

Short story about Thomas R16 and some general info about Renault 16.
In German

Mijn Renault 16

Short story about the end of life for a Renault 16
In Dutch


Some pictures and information about Renault 16
In French

Photographies d'épaves de véhicules populaires anciens

French junkyard site with some R16 pictures
In French

Renault Links

Club Renault Sverige

The Swedish Renault Car Club.
In Swedish

Froggy Renault Forum

Australian Renault forum with lots of information about Renault 16. Very active.
In English

Katriina's Renault Center

One of the first big internet sites about Renault
In English

Club des Amateurs d'anciennes RENAULT

The French Renault vintage car club.
In French

Other links

The french car magazine Gazoline

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