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Vitesse was originally founded in Portugal in 1982 and made highly detailed but still reasonably priced models.
During the years Vitesse has had many financial problems and several owners.
The Vitesse Group finally went into liquidation in April 2001 .Subsequently, the Sun Star Group acquired certain assets of the Vitesse Group including some moulds and the brand name. Sun Star has now re-launched the Vitesse brand and the R16 model is one of the first new models.

Article: 34100
Name: Renault R16 TL
Scale: 1:43
Material: Metal
Prod. years: 2004
Comments: The Vitesse is made in a limited edition with each model numbered.
This is the same model as the Nostalgie R16, which was released a few months earlier.
Main differences are the color, extra mirrors and of course the case.
Unfortunately both models have the same fault... the taillights are wrong!
This is supposed to be an early R16 (1965-1970) which has the lights in a higher position and the orange turn indicators should be towards the center.
And as all R16 experts know the TL model was first released as 1971 year model.

But on the whole it is one of the best R16 models made, second only to the Minichamps.

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