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If you have any pictures or stories about R16 don't hesite to send them to me:


Gallery 1  Restoration pictures from Mario Rouwenhorst
Pictures from Stephen Grover in Canada
Gallery 2  Pictures of my current R16's
Gallery 3  Here are some picture from Frans and Igor from Holland
Gallery 4  Another Swedish R16 fan Thomas Forsman has contributed
with these pictures
Gallery 5  Marko Liuksiala from Finland sent me some pictures of his R16
Gallery 6  Andres Weil has taken these photos of R16's and a Lotus!
Gallery 7  Ger Rensink is restoring his R16
Gallery 8  Wim Boer from Holland is big R16 enthousiast
He has arranged five R16 meetings in Holland
Gerrit Meijer has also sent me some pictures.
Gallery 9  More pictures from Gerrit Meijer in Holland
Gallery 10  Pictures of some R16's I have found in junkyards.
Gallery 11  The Australian way to spend the Easter holiday, in an R16.
Gallery 12  Nico Joordens from Holland owns a R16TL from 1977
Gallery 13  Ray Watson had some pretty cool R16s when he lived in South Africa!
Gallery 14  R16's from France, Israel and Netherlands!
Gallery 15  A friend at work gave me a card from 3M. Have a look!
Gallery 16  More R16's from "Down Under"
Gallery 17  Renault 16's by the sea!?
Gallery 18  Going to France in R16
Gallery 19  Mario has completed the restoration of a R16TS -69
Gallery 20  I have visited Mr R16 of Sweden, Sven-Erik in Bruzaholm
Gallery 21  Free R16, just pick it up
Gallery 22  The Art Gallery
Gallery 23  Pictures of Joao Seabra's R16
Gallery 24  Pictures and original designs from Dominique Guiavarch
Gallery 25  Two old R16's resting on a field in France
Gallery 26  Christophe from France and Philip from Sweden shows off their R16s
Gallery 27  Philippes Braud's Renault 16 TS Automatic -73
Gallery 28  Andreas Tresky from Vienna has bought an R16 -66
Gallery 29  Greetings from a former R16 owner in Israel
Gallery 30  New owner of old Italian R16
Gallery 31  Alain from Nice had a horrible end to his R16 ownership
Gallery 32  AutoCross, an end for many R16's
Gallery 33  An R16 from Switzerland, full of holes like Swiss cheese...
Gallery 34  The R16 behind the iron curtain.
Gallery 35  R16, victim of summer traffic 2003.
Gallery 36  Andreas Tresky on a roadtrip through the Alps with his "new" R16TX.
Gallery 37  Sjur Nesheim from Norway is restoring his R16
Gallery 38  Olivier used his R16 for AutoCross
Gallery 39  Henrik Toremark shows off his "new" R16 TX. One of very few in Sweden.
Gallery 40  After 5 years restoration Petri Rousku has a lovely R16.


My brothers R16 -67  Picture story of my brother Stefan's R16 and it's rise from a crashed old wreck
Dutch R16 meeting 1997  Frans visited the Dutch annual R16 meeting 1997
Renault 100 years  Pictures from Renault's 100 year anniversary in Paris 1998
R16 meeting in Holland 1995  My brother and I went to Emmelord in 1995 to celebrate the 30th birthday of R16
Silviu's Renault 16  Silviu from Romania tells us about his R16 and his vacation trip with it
TX or TL?  Is it a TX or is it a TL? No it is a Sweden special!
Oldest R16 alive?  This is probably the oldest R16 alive.
Terry's R16 restoration  Restoration of an Australian R16.
The R16 lemon  Gary Hildebrand shares some memories of his R16's.
Kyrkö mosse  Renault 16 -66, among other junk at Kyrkö mosse.
Oh Oh Renault  Dutch Renault meeting in May 2002.
R16 TX restoration from Holland  Peter de Vries shows the restoration of his R16 TX

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