Changes over the years

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Year Changes
1966 Different flaps for fresh air on the dashboard
Badge "Renault 16" on dashboard picture
Renault diamond in the front grille
1967 New upper mountings of the rear seat picture
New dashboard picture
Flap over the fresh air intake picture
1968 New model TS with bigger engine
Spare wheel fitted with strap instead of bolts picture
Higher overriders on the front bumper picture
New wheels on TS, and new hubcaps on all models picture
1969 Reverse lights on TS model picture
TS breaks on standard R16, same wheels
New badge on boot lid on TS, TS instead of 16TS picture
Rear doors get lock knobs
1970 New model TA, automatic gearbox
New option, electric sunroof
New dashboard on TS picture
New light switch picture
Fresh air intakes on the dashboard
1971 Facelift of the rear, new lights... picture
New models L/TL replacing GL/Super
1972 Badge on rear wings looses parts picture
Side indicators on the frontwings are removed
Different badge on boot lid picture
1973 New logo
New dashboard on L/TL picture
New logo on boot lid
1974 New model TX picture
Badges on rear wings removed
Extra headlights on TS incorporated in normal headlights
1975 Plastic grille on L/TL/TS
1976 Black windshield wipers
L model is not made any longer
Change back to standard center of front bumber on TX picture
1977 TS model is not made any longer
1978 Same rear lights on TL as on TX, incl. reverse lights

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