Stories & Photos: Holland 95

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We arrived on friday evening, the day before the meeting, but there was already a lot of R16's.
As I remember was the four cars closest to the camera recently imported from France and Portugal.
Early saturday morning a big mobile crane arrived. A R16 TX was loaded into a steelframe.
What was going on?
Aha, the R16 TX was used as a big sign for the event, hanging some 30 m from the ground.
When we went home we could see the R16 from several kilometers.
Soon R16's started to pour in from all countries in Europe
A few white oldies. One of them was a TA model, the first R16's to recieve the automatic gearbox.
R16 TX was a very common model, in fact most cars where either R16 TX or early R16's from the 60's.
I actually missed the TS and TL models from the 70's. Doesn't anybody collect them?
A long line of R16's. The closest one comes from Germany and belongs to Oliver Coordt who has his own R16 site
From this overview you can see a lot of R16's, somebody counted to over 60!!
R16's from France and Germany, there were also cars from Great Britain, Belgium, Austria and Sweden
A gold R16 TX
And another one..
And another one..
This gold R16 TX, owned by Wim Boer, had all equipment. Electromagnetic doorlocks, leather and if you look carefully you can see the original AC, looks like a BIG radio console in the middle of the floor

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