Stories & Photos: Kyrkö mosse
Renault 16 -66, among other junk at Kyrkö mosse

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The old junkyard at Kyrkö mosse

I took these pictures at the old junkyard at Kyrkömosse, where no new cars have been placed since the early 70's.
The junkyard has been the home and workplace of Åke Danielsson from early 1930's until as few years ago when he moved to a retirement home.
Kyrkö mosse is located a few kilometers west of the small town Ryd, in Småland (south of Sweden), on road 119.
Totally there are some 130 cars in woods

Next to the main track through the woods we found this burgundy red R16.
My brother is taking a closer look!
From this picture we can see that this car is a 1966 year model.
It has the first dashboard with the square padding, which was changed for 1967. On the right hand side you can barely see the small badge "Renault 16" which was new for 1966.
Most cars here have been robbed of all useful details, like the badges on the R16. Rust on the R16 is not nearly as bad as on other cars, which practically have disintegrated and are joining mother earth..
The engine compartment have some sure tell tale sign that this is a real oldie.
For example the spare wheel is mounted with nuts, not a strap. The sound proofing of the bulkhead has aluminum finish.
The green stuff is optional!
The engine and gearbox is resting next to the car, complete with a price tag!
On very early R16's, like this one, the adjustment of the diffrential is done by adding and subtracting shims. On later cars made in 1966, like my own, the diffrential is adjusted by turning the adjustment nut in or out.
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