Stories & Photos: Restoration of my 68, Part 9

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I modernized the front wheels by upgrading to hubs from a R16 TS -75.
1968 was the last year for the older type of Bendix brakes, and by making this swap I got better brakes and more easy to find parts like brake pads.
When doing this swap I also had to change the upper ball joints because these are smaller on R16s up to 1968 year model.
Some new discs I had in stock came in handy, and naturally I fitted new wheel bearings when it was disassembled.
New original Renault shock absorbers of the correct type for Sweden, marked "Mauvaises Routes" which is french for bad roads.
I started the assembly in a slightly odd order, with the license plate...
This was because I made quite a run in the clear coat behind it, and the plate just covers it.
On thing led to another and, voila, a nice looking rear end.
With the doors back in place it is starting to look like an R16 again.
I have put a lot of effort into adjusting the door gaps before painting, and now it pays of.
It sure looks nice...
The final assembly was done outside in splendid summer weather.
There are still lots of dirt and greasy finger prints to clean up, but at least most pieces are in place.
Kind of funny feeling to see it drive for the first time in years...
Elbow out and the Renault R16 passes one of its main competitors back then, Peugeot 504.
With the "new" seats it look quite inviting, doesn't it?
And there is a back seat too!
Everything is now in place and cleaned up.
The TX wheels was borrowed from my R17 to pass the car inspection, which it did with flying colors.

Magnus Bjelk (

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