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R16 GL -66

I have owned this R16 since 1984 when my father thought it was to old, and wanted a new and reliable car. Not that there was a lot of problems with the R16, but it was 18 years old.
My father bought this car new July 1st 1966. Since I was born in 1968 I was actually brought home from the hospital, where I was born, in this car!!!
The paint, white 377, on this car is still shining after 33 year, but there are some small evidence of time that has passed here and there.
I changed the engine and gearbox a few years ago after wrecking two gearboxes of the old type with the reverse next to second gear.
The engine is now a 1647cc R18 engine with the cylinderhead of a R16 TL. It looks original, but has at least 15 hp extra!

R16 GL -68

I recently bought this car from a friend that owned it for 3 years, but never used in trafic. When he got it the head gasket was blown after a serious overheating. The cylinder head had to be flattened 0.7 mm, max allowed according to the manuals is 0.3 mm.
Since it had been out of trafic for a few years I had to fix the brakes and some other small things like the ignition lock.
My friend wanted his R16 TX wheels back, to fit it on his R15 TS.
Here I have found some decent original wheels
The car is also still in original paint, or should I say what's left of it!
On all top surfaces there is practically no traces of the original paint. The darker grey areas is the primer, and you can even see the brown paint they dip the car in.
It is painted in blue-grey metallic 435. These early metallic paints didn't last very long.
Read about the restoration

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