Stories & Photos: TX or TL? Sweden special!

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These pictures of a Swedish R16 TL from 1977 was sent to me by Jörgen Andersson, who just bought the car.
The car has practically not been used for the last 14 years, and this explains why it only has done 70 000 km.
Even if it has been stored inside for all these years there are some rust in door and floor, and the outer mounting points for the rear suspension are also in bad condition.
Anyway, what is so special with a 1977 R16 TL. Well when it is sold in Sweden it is actually a down dressed TX!
The chassis plate says R1156, which normally means TX, but in Sweden it is says TS or TL on the bootlid.

This is all related to that from 1976 exhaust emission rules in Sweden only permitted the TX engine to be sold. So both TS and TL where sold with the TX engine with 93 hp, but with the 4 speed gearbox and TS or TL equipment.
But the TX was never sold!
Here is another Sweden speciality, the chrome grille. This was replaced by the plastic grill from model 1975, but not for the Swedish market. If you look carefully you can see the reason, this car has headlight wipers!
From 1974 all cars sold in Sweden had have them, and Renault probably didn't think it was worth it to change the grille again for the few cars sold in Sweden.
From 1977 model the TL has the same steering wheel as TS and TX, in Sweden.
I think the hood over the dash board extending all over to the right side of the car is also special for Sweden, but I'm not sure.

Magnus Bjelk (

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