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This car I found in junkyard in Rouen, in France.
The text on the windscreen said that it had only covered 40 000 kms, practically not broken in yet!
As you can see the keys are in the hood lock, ready to start up again.
Even the interior looks nice, I think the rear seat was missing but otherwise the car was complete.
I tried to rescue the car from the junkyard, but it was not possible.
Still today I get frustrated when I look at these pictures.
Another beautiful R16 has been sent on it's final journey, this time in Lille, also in France
From this car I took the wind deflectors on the front doors, but I really wanted to take the whole car.
This time we're in Holland, in a small town called Oude-Haaske, where there is a junkyard that has specialized in old Renault's.
As you can see from the pictures this time the junkyard was the right place for these R16's.
This victim of racing ambitions I also found in Oude-Haaske.
I didn't really find any cars here that could be used for anything else than spares.
By the way, the Renault 5 is NOT a genuine Turbo 2, but the manager had a Clio Williams in one of the houses, also scrapped.
Now we are closer to my home, in a town called Trelleborg, in the absolute south of Sweden.
This junkyard have a policy of not crushing a car unless a replacement of the same model has come in.
Here you can find a lot of old cars of any make from the 60's and newer.
The left R16 is from -69 and look pretty OK on the pictures, but there is rust everywhere. Un fortunately this is the normal condition of old R16's in Sweden.
The R16 to the right is from -71, the first year with the new square rear lights.
To the left of the R16's there is an old R10, and these haven't been seen in Sweden for many years.
The R16 from -71 has been vandalized at the junkyard, but as you can see the paint is still shining!
If you look at the sill just in front of the rear wheel arch you see some orange rust proofing paint. Evidently the rear suspension mounts has rusted of and a primitive repair has been done. This is quite common, at least on Swedish cars, both R16's in Trelleborg had been repaired here.

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