Stories & Photos: Gallery 11

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The photograph shows the line-up at an Easter camping trip in South Australia in about 1982, on the south coast near Tunkallila Beach if I remember correctly.
We used to camp with friends most Easters then, and all of us had R16s at the time.

From left to right, there is a 1975 16TL (still owned by its first owner, with 315,000 km and no major repairs, although it is now rusty and only has good piston rings on 3 cylinders), a white 1974 (I think) R16TS, a brown 16TL and our dark green 1975 16TS Special.

We now have a metallic bronze 1976 16 TS Special in Perth, Western Australia.

Hope you are well, as are your cars!
John Waterhouse

Magnus Bjelk (

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