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Hi, Saw your page for the first time, so thought I would send you some of my R16TS pictures from when I lived in South Africa.

The White 16TS was a refugee from a scrap yard I was just able to drive it home before the auto stopped working. I had been given a '74 16TS executive with fancy interior and all the extra trim which came from France via the Congo to South Africa, and the body was very rusted, so I stripped it for all the good parts. Over 8 months I rebuilt the white car to a very nice town car, just after the pictures I put a set of very nice mags and tyres on it that made it handle nicely as well.
The Yellow 16TS was also scrap when I bought it. I collected all the "heavy terrain" suspension parts I could and built this car after the white one was given to my wife. It was very basic inside with only the two front seats and a front floor carpet. The motor was very modified, with a very fancy exhaust system where the spare wheel went, and had a very modified inlet manifold with a 40mm twin choke Weber from a Ford V6, cam was the equivalent of a RA5. Pump up back suspension for carrying loads, and it was mainly used for servicing my Off-Road race car, powered by a 16TS and gearbox and suspension.
Howz that for a Renault 16 man?
I now live in Perth Western Australia, and am building a super R4.

Take Care, Ray Watson.

Magnus Bjelk (

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