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Stephane from France owns this R16 TL from -71
He uses the car everyday

This R16 TS automatic from 1974 is very rare in Israel where Yuval lives.
Yuval has really been bitten by the R16 bug, and now has several cars.
Read more about his cars on his own site

Haye de Jong from Rotterdam in the Netherlands owns this R16 TS from 1969.
He bought it a year ago from a Dutchman who had two R16's. He wanted to sell because the cars were too heavy to steer.
Since the car needed a lot of work he also bought a lot of spare parts.
The car has 5-speed gearbox, electric windows and brown skai seats.
Here is Hayes R16 TS together with the R16 you can rent from the company Trafic.
For more information visit their site
Haye sees occasionally this green R16 TL (76 or newer) driving around in Rotterdam.
This side is the best the frontdoor on the otherside has some rust in need of attention....
Judging from the yellow plates this could very well be an original 'dutch' ( i.e. not later imported) R16.
This green TX is also in beautiful shape, even though it was a bit damp when Haye took the picture (its damp a lot in the Netherlands, thats why there are hardly any original French cars around anymore).
Haye doesn't actually know the owner of this car but he sees it frequently since he can see the TX from his office.
Here we can see a picture of Hayes girlfriend Margot with a beautiful R6 TL was taken last summer in the Ardeche.
In the south of France they spotted lots of R4's and a number of R6'es.
The 16 however has become hard to see on the roads of France.
This picture was taken near Avignon last summer. The owner of the car ( you can just see him approaching to find out what this crazy tourist wants with his car) told Haye he had bought it for around FF 10.000. Judging the state this car appears to be in, that is a dream come true.
He also told that the reason why you don't see a lot of 16's around that area anymore is because of the new environmental laws where people get a fat bonus if they sell their old cat and buy a new one; and because some people like to take 16's them out on cross tracks.

Haye didn't feel like asking more...just imagine

Magnus Bjelk (

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