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Terry Nicholls from Canberry owns a number of R16's.
When he visited me in November last year he called home, and his wife told him there was another R16 on the driveway. Someone had given him another to take care of!
Terry has restored this R16 from scratch. He bought two R16 for 350 AUS$ and took the best pieces and made one great car. The car has been completely dismantled, only the rear suspension was left in the car.
Lots of new parts has also come to use in the restoration.
The paint is specific for Australian built cars, it's called Renault Trak Yellow.
Here is Terry (in the middle) with another of his R16's at a Renault meeting.

This R16 TS from 75 is owned by Dennis Chester.
He uses it practically every day, driving 100 km to and from work!

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