Stories & Photos: Gallery 19
Mario Rouwenhorst's restoration is complete

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Mario Rouwenhorst has completed the restoration shown in Gallery 1
The restauration finished in august 1999. Passed the examination by road authorities as flawless. Now with LPG (liquified Petroleum Gas) installation it is running as good as with regular petrol. Mario had the cylinderhead cleaned and perfected (no revision needed, just polishing).
With the 5-speed gearbox of a TX fitted and 165x70x14 Michelin MX/Energy it does !!! 190 km/h on the speedometer !! Mario was overhauled by Golf VR6 and the guy asked how this was possible. Whow what a super GTI the R16TS must have been when totally new, back in 1969.
Last november however the car was hit in the back and a nlg 8000,- damage had to be repaired. It was the frist accident ever for this beautiful 16. Even the state police said that this was really sad as it was such a beautiful original and complete car with the alloy wheels and inox trims.
Well all is repaired now but you can always see the traces. Paint is slightly different in color and metallic intensity but okay who wants all new and drive the car. These things can be expected when using the car in daily traffic which is like Paris.
Here is a nice picture of the car in back in native France, the Verdon area, near the river Verdon.
Mario's proud son and daughter near the car when parked on the famous boulevard in Cannes, at the beachside of the beautiful Cote d'Azur.
The gentleman in the brown blazer is Phillipe Charbonneau, the head-designer of the R16 in it's days, next to probably the oldest R16 in Holland, at a R16 meeting event some years ago.
Mr Charbonneau passed away a few years ago.
Recently Mario has bought a 1966 R16GL in old matte burgundy red, just like the one on this picture.
Original, almost no rust, just surface rust to be taken off. Primer and rust protection, polish/cleaner the laquer + LPG and this baby will used by Mario's wife as her 1979 TX is showing body weakness. The old steel is 3x more tough.

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