Stories & Photos: Gallery 20
Mr R16 of Sweden, Sven-Erik in Bruzaholm

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This is outside Sven-Eriks workshop in Bruzaholm, where he does all kinds of repairs and restorations of old Renaults, but his main passion is the R16 model. Hi has customers from all around the south of Sweden.
In his front parking a wide spectrum of R16s in varying condition is parked.
Many of them are awaiting restoration.
Others might be best suitable for parts.
A project car, hopefully it will be brought back to former glory some day.
I customer car which needs new front wings and maybe some other rust repairs.
This R16 is a real TV-celebrity. First Sven-Bertil Taube drove it in the detective story "┼terkomsten" where he portrayed the murderer.
Later this car was on TV again, this time in the "Motorjournalen" where Joppe Pihlgren had a test drive with it.

Back in 1988, when I had just attended my first Renault meeting ever, I visited Sven-Erik for the first time.
At this time he lived and worked in Ingatorp, not so far from where he lives now.
This is what his backyard looked like back then. R16s everywhere.

Magnus Bjelk (

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