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Free R16, just pick it up

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Here, somewhere among the trees is an R16.
My brother got the tip from his father-in-law, and since it was only 3 kms from his home we had to take a look, specially as the owner said he would give it to us for free if we took it away.
When it was parked, the engine was recently restored, and the front wings had been replaced.
As we came closer, we realized that its "best-before" date probably had expired.
Evidently water had leaked into the bagage and the rear had rusted through from the inside.
Hmm, leaking water, the roof looks kind of suspicious.
Yes, there is definitely a leak in the roof, or could it be some kind of sunroof??
The lower parts of the body also needs some attention, at least before I would try to get it through the annual car inspection.
The inside of the car was not in good condition either, with some rust around the doors, but nothing major.
Since the engine had recently been restore we tried to have a look at it, but some kind of thorn bush had grown over the bonnet and made it impossible to open.
Here is one of the new front wings, which seems to have survived well, even if it never got any paint.
But wait a minute.. the angle of the front wheel seems kind of odd!!! I have seen negative camber on racing cars, but this looks a bit to much
We walked away laughing!

Magnus Bjelk (

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