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Pictures from Dominique in France

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Dominique Guiavarch from France has sent me these designs and pictures. Dominque has worked for Renault for many years, and before that his family has been selling Renault for many year. His father sold R16 from the start in 1965 until the bitter end in 1980.
One of the first designs for R16. Made by Gaston Juchet on 9th November in 1961!
A later design, from 3rd February 1962, also by Gaston Juchet.
There where also plans for a R16 cabriolet, but they were never realised.
This is one of the first R16, spotted on the road in France on 14th August 1964.
You can see that it is a prototype by the air intake on both sides. Oddly enough this prototype was right-hand drive!
Here you can see Dominique, in red, playing with a friend in his father R16 TS.
Picture was taken on the 7th of August 1971.
A year later the TS has been replaced with this light blue R16 TL.
Is the number of friend an indication that a TL is more popular than a TS?
In early 74 the first TX enters the Guiavarch family.
Note the center of the bumper, which is different on the two first years for the TX.
Later this year Dominique's father got his second TX, a blue metallic with all options!
Last of the R16s in the Guiavarch family. Saved by Dominique's father in 1994.
With only 78 500 kms, this R16 TS from -77 was to good to be sent to the junkyard.
The bonnet has been repainted in 1994, otherwise the car is completely unrestored.
The oval plate reveals that it is a VERY late 77, number 108 498, model 78 starts as 108 601!!
Tyre dimension is slightly larger than standard, 175/70-14.
Step in and take a drive!
Leather interior....

Magnus Bjelk (

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