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Andreas Tresky from Vienna has bought an R16 -66

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Andreas Tresky from Vienna, Austria, recently bought this R16 of 1966, with only 70881km on the clock.
It is nearly rust-free, and the original dark green paint is still shining. Andy hope to get car on the road again this year.
More picture can be found on his own site:

Andreas has now take Viktor, as he has named the R16, on the road again.
The Bosch foglamps has been changed to more suiting Cibie ones.
Here Andreas has taken Viktor for a ride into town.
And here is a rare sight, the first version on the dashboard on R16. Only the 1965 and 1966 year models have this dash board. This is a 1966, which can be seen on the fresh air intake flaps which pivots around a central axle. The 1965 flaps has the axle at the bottom, and looks a bit different.

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