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Frans Funnekotter-Koster from Holland owns this early R16 from -66
Here he is on holyday with his wife in France
Since Frans is using the car a lot he has converted it to LPG (gas)
Frans car was imported from France a few years ago and you can still see the french nationality sign below the right rear light
Early R16 65 and 66 had a different dashboard which you can see here
The dashboard was in different colors depending on the panels on the inside of the doors. Since Frans dash is beige I guess that he has vinyl seats
My white 66 had blue textile seats and has a grey dash
Also note that on the cars before -67 the top 10 cm of the doors was naked

Igor Stuifzand is also from Holland and his R16 is from -69
He is also a great fan of R4, and he took this picture on a Renault meeting in Holland
Two of Renault's best sellers in late 60's and early 70's in one picture

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