Stories & Photos: Gallery 39
Henrik Toremark shows off his "new" R16 TX

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Henrik Toremark, Sweden, is the owner of this Renault 16 TX from 1979, which was imported from Germany in 2002.
The TX model was never imported to Sweden in its days. However, both the TL and TS models were equiped with the TX engine on the Swedish Market as of 1976, due to national exhaust emission regulations (as of 1977, only the TL model with the TX engine were available).

After several Renault models, among them the first Renault 16 in Sweden (1966), Henrik's father purchased a blue metallic 1976 TS with electric sun roof and alloy wheels from Dunlop. In other words, it was almost the same as Henrik's TX, which also has these options. This elegant and beloved car has been kept in the hearts of the family since its tragic end on slippery winter roads in the county of Värmland in december 1979.

Since then, Henrik and his older brother were often dreaming about finding something similar. This has however been far from easy. Most sixteen's in Sweden have been eaten by salt and corrosion. In addition, the TS equipped with TX engine was only imported for one year (1976). And to find one with the same colour and options seemed to be very much a mission impossible.

After Sweden's EU entrance of 1995, and with it the single market, prospects changed dramatically. However, purchasing a 16 was not really on top of mind at that time. But in 2002, Henrik's brother, more or less by accident, happend to find the blue TX, located in Nuremburg, Germany, on the Internet. It was as close as it could get and the 16 germ attacked heavily.

There was no alternative but to take the next flight to Germany. The TX was mechanically in order, partly renovated and free from rust. Depite not looking as good as on the Internet pictures, Henrik decided clinch a deal and bring it home.

It was an adventure, but certainly a very comfortable one, driving the TX all the way back to Sweden. Since then various steps have been taken to improve the condition. The most decisive one was in the autumn 2005. To get a new coat of paint to a reasonable price and with good results, The TX was brought to Estonia. With a scary feeling of shady business in back yards of Tallinn, the TX was left to its fate. However, there was no need to worry. The painters as well as their garage may have looked a bit suspect, but they certainly knew their job and were reliable. And after a couple of weeks, the TX was successfully found and brought back o Sweden.

As always with old cars, job remains to be done. But Henrik's TX is well on its way bringing back the glory and comfort of the 1970's.

Magnus Bjelk (

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