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After 5 years restoration Petri Rousky has a lovely R16

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From Petri Rousku, living in Lappeenranta in the south-east of Finland, I received the following letter:

My car is a Renault 16 TS of year 1971. The colour is original, bleu royal (n:o 448). it has 249 000 km in the meter. I'm the second owner, I bought it already in 1990 with my summer job salaries. The first owner was a doctor, who had very precisely documented every overhaul. Among other things, it's been recorded that the engine has been changed after appr. 170 000 km.
The car was in reasonably good condition except the rear suspension and seat trim. After repairing the rear suspension somehow I drove it for several years. Only in 1999 I started to repair again the rear suspension to get it properly positioned. After that i continued to examine the car further, and continued to weld other places (sills, floor, etc. as you with your '68, but not as bad condition). I worked gradually for 5 years between my daily job, got it painted and new trims for the seats (almost original looking original colour light grey). I found also a fine Blaupunkt stereo radio cassette player of 1971 to place it in the original radio console.
There's still some minor things to do, but I've had many enjoyable journeys with it also this summer. Renault 16 is a very rare car nowadays in Finland due to the weak corrosion resistance, there are only 18 cars left in the Finnish register. (It used to be a relatively common car for 30 years ago.) I know there are some renovation projects going on, but they won't be too easy, not least because of the difficult spare part availability. (As a nice comparison, I bought a Citroen DS '71, and there's everything available...).

Magnus Bjelk (

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