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Andres Weil from El Salvador own this beautiful R16 TS -72.
Originally it was his grandfathers, who once had three R16's at the same time
Andres has owned the R16 since -95, but is currently studying in US.
A closeup of the grille.
For more details have look at Andres own site
On a Renault meeting in US Andres met Stephen Grover from Canada who owns this R16 TA.
On a junkyard in Tennessee Andres and Stephen found this R16.
Andres claims that it is a very early R16 from -66 with fabrication number between 500 and 600.
This is how the R16 looked after Andres and Stephen had taken all the parts they needed
Did you know that Lotus used the R16 engine in their Europa model?
This Europa belongs to Jeff Hovis.
Here you might be able to see the R16 engine, if you have good eyes.
The gearbox is reversed to allow the engine to be placed in front of the gearbox to make it a true mid-engined car.

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