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Wim Boer is a lucky man, he has three beautiful R16s.
This is his R16 GL from 1967
This is his R16 TS from 1969.
Wim is crazy about extra options and his R16 TS has the N.American front with twin headlights.
His R16 TS from 1975 is not exception, it has leather interior and air conditioner.
Why didn't I have a pedal car like this when I was a kid?
It's so COOL! It looks like the perfect christmas gift, with snow and all.
Here is a picture from Wim's garage.
Just kidding, this is actually a model diorama Wim has made, with a model of an R16 as the restoration project.
This is a picture from a christmas card that Wim has sent to his friends.

Gerrit Meijer from Holland has also made a christmas card with his R16 on.
More snow from Holland.
This is the way to transport an R16!
Unfortunately this combination is not very legal in many countries.

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