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This picture is taken 200m from Gerrits home, by the old wind mill
The car is a 1967 R16 GLS
Cats like to have a good view, and what could be better than the roof of an R16?

Emmeloord, Holland 1995-1998

The R16 lifted high as a landmark has always been the trademark of the R16 meeting in Emmelord
It is very easy to find the meeting as you can see the R16 from kilometers away.
This is a lineup of all the R16 models ever built
At the first R16 meeting in 1995 one R16 from each country was place outside the barn.
Clockwize from the left I think it was:
Maroon R16 from Great Britain, Grey R16 from Belgium, Red R16 from Germany, Brown R16, next to barn, from Holland, Blue R16 from Sweden, Beige R16 from ???, can't remember, Grey-green R16 from France, Yellow R16 from Austria
This is an special coupé prototype of the R16 together with Philippe Charbonneaux, the creator of R8 and R16
The photo was taken when a Dutch television program interviewed him in 1997.
He past away one year later.
This R16 for 16 people was made for a carneval
I think it is now owned by Wim Boer.
An R16 TL cabriolet handmade in France
These "monks" where members from the French R16 club
Here are the monks trying to find the problem with this R16 TX from Belgium

Renault Owners Club meeting (GB)

Here are some Dutch R16's boarding the train under the English channel, on their way to a meeting with the Renault Owners Club.
A lineup with all the R16's at the Renault Owners Club meeting.

R16 meeting in France

This picture is taken late one night outside a Formule 1 hotel on a trip to France.
Some R16's at a short stop for a bottle of wine.
What a view! How often do you see an R16 in your rear view mirror? Here are all you can see R16's, and lots of them!
Here is Gerrits R16 pedal car from 1970 between two R16 in the same color, both from 1966.
Parking on football field while visiting a town.
Here you can see the traditional Dutch "klompen" and the victory cup.

German R16 meeting

Wim Boer selling parts at a German R16 meeting.

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