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The front wings on the R16 are very prone to rust, as many cars where in 60's and 70's.
New wings in steel are very hard to find, but here are some alternatives

The fibre glass alternative

Fibre glass wings can be found from several makers, here are two:

Rudolph GFK-Teile
Karlstr. 8
53919 Weilerswist
Tel: +49-(0)2254/5965

Smith & Deakin Plastics
Dept P.C,
75 Blackpole Trading Estate West
Worcester WR3 8TJ
Tel: +44-(0)1905-45 88 86
Fax: +44-(0)1905-45 88 89

The "Quick and dirty" way to fix wings

A hole this size cannot be filled with just plastic filler.
To keep the plastic in place and to prevent it from falling through we have to some kind of support, f.ex an aluminum net.
Start with cleaning up around the damage as good as possible. Remove badges, chrome strips to avoid scratches on them, and to improve access to the repair area.
Cut a piece of aluminum net, big enough to fold around edges. It's easier to cut away later than it is to add!
Here the net is roughly folded to fit over the hole, but still need some adjustment to fit perfectly.
Now it's almost like the original wing. It is very important to have a tight fit and to cover the complete hole.
To secure the net to the damaged wing apply som filler to the edged and press the net into the filler before it hardens. After hardening the net stuck to the wing.
Mix a new batch of plastic filler and apply it to the net and the surrounding areas. You may need to apply several layers to fill the net.
The net has now been completely covered with plastic. Make sure to apply enough filler to be able to sand it down without freeing the net.
Carefully sand down the filler to the original shape of the wing. If the net becomes visible you have to apply more filler.

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Last revision 2001-10-27