Tips & Tricks: Converting from Girling to Bendix rear brakes

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The Girling rear wheel brake cylinders (left) are more and more difficult to find, but the Bendix wheel cylinder (right) for R12 station wagon, R15 TS and R17 TL is available even at the local car parts dealer. Both cylinders are 22 mm in diameter, even if the Girling cylinder looks thinner.

With this in mind we decided to convert my brothers R16 to Bendix cylinders.
NOTE: This is only possible on cars with automatic adjustment of rear brakes!!!

First make a template of cardboard which fits the Bendix cylinder perfectly.
Bolt the template to the backplate, using the original bolt holes. Try to position it as correctly as possible.
Enlarge the hole with a grinder to match the template.
Now we have a hole which allows fitting a Bendix cylinder.
With everything in place, fitting the drum revealed that Bendix is slightly to large, it just scraped the drum on the inside, but it was sufficent to remove a few millimeters on top of the cylinder. (Compare with the previous picture of the cylinder)

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Last revision 2003-04-06